HIGHLANDS - Discover Class

We are sure that before you prayerfully join any church you have a desire to know all you can about the important decision to join or not. At Highlands we would like guest considering joining to have as much detail as possible.

The Three Prerequisites In Joining HBC:
1) Salvation by grace and faith alone.
2) Baptism by immersion.
3) Completion of the Discover Highlands Class.

Once you have completed the class and agree with the vision and direction of Highlands we invite you to join the local church family. Church membership enables you to connect to various ministries within the church and we encourage all new members to take a spiritual gift test. This helps direct you to the ministries that will connect with your passion and purpose.

Discover Highlands Class Outline

Here is a description of all three sessions of the Discover Highlands Class:

101: Who We Are

In this first session we explain who Highlands is and is not, where we came from and why we are here. The misconceptions of the local church can be very discouraging and confusing to a potential member - that's why we are up front and honest from the very beginning.

201: What We Believe

A church's stand on the essential doctrines is key to the connection of a member. In this session we cover the main truths we stand on, why we believe them, and answer any questions regarding the essentials.

301: Why You Matter

Where do you fit at HBC and how can you get connected? In this session we look at the purpose statement of our ministry and how that enables you to get plugged in to the church. We don't want you to become a pew warmer but rather an active role in the body functioning to your strengths and gifts.

Discover Highlands